Future Events

Activities coming up …

Sat 24/11     Gingerbread Houses      An event where as we make a Christmas decoration for our homes, we can hear the hope of the good news of the coming of Jesus.

Sun 25/11   Praying for the sick        After Church just stay around and our elders will pray for you.

Sun 2/12     Lord’s Supper                  Every 3 months we take the bread and wine and remember the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Fri 7/12       JOY                                    Just Older Youth. A chance to meet and chat with anyone available once a month at Belmont 16 footers

Sun 23/12   Carols @ Church            Our regular Church service will be filled with old and new Christmas Carols.

Tue 25/12     Christmas Day                A shorter service focusing on why Jesus came and why it still matters today.

Tue 26/12    py summer camp begins   For all 13-25 yo’s Our youth group will join with hundreds of others across the State for good teaching and great fun.